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Structural Strengthening

We provide excellent and experienced workmanship in structural strengthening jobs. Having successfully completed several projects with Fiber reinforced polymer technology, we also provide design support t for FRP retrofitting…

Fireproofing & Firestops

Fire resistivity is developing in to a mandatory item in high rise buildings. We provide necessary solutions as per the site conditions to improve fire resistivity in structural steel and service ducts.

Concrete & Crack Repair

Concrete defects being one of the common issues found in any site, we try to specify the accurate solution as per the site conditions to increase the quality and durability of the repair work.


From cementatious to HDPE membrane we provide a range of waterproofing solutions suitable for your location and requirement. We have experienced team who would work day and night to fulfill waterproofing requirements from basement to roof top

 Sealants & Expansion Joints

Expansion and construction joint treatments with
sealants and rubber boots, we have an excellent range
of joint systems to mitigate the requirements from
road to luxury apartments.

 Chemical & mechanical Anchoring

Chemical & Mechanical anchoring for crack and
un cracked concrete at damp and dry conditions
are taken care with the premium products Airow
deals with.

Epoxy & PU Flooring

Industrial flooring finishes with epoxy and PU components for all usage types are done with trained workers to provide a quality job.